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Verbs are the most important part of learning German. Learn More.

AboutGerman Verbs by lang.global

German is one of the most interesting languages in the world. It’s the most spoken native language in Europe. The German economy is the largest and most important in Europe. And of course the story of Germany has shaped the world enormously and continues to do so.

A lot of people want to learn German, but it can be really confusing where you should start. Should you start with vocabulary? Or with a phrase book? Or maybe grammar?

At Lang.Global, we think the best way to learn German is to start with the verbs.

Why learn the verbs first?

Here’s why you might want to take a verbs first approach:

  1. Verbs are the only necessary element in a sentence. They are the essential building blocks.
  2. Verbs are the most complex elements in German, so once you master the verbs the rest is mostly vocabulary.
  3. Verbs provide an excellent sampling of German pronunciation. If you can pronounce the most important German verbs you have the building blocks to pronounce most German words.
  4. Verbs play a key structural role in German sentences. Sentences in German can be understood quickly by recognizing verb placement.

How we help you learn verbs?

We’ve created a database full of German verbs with translations, definitions, conjugations, examples and audio. We have combined our database with some cool tech to create great new features that are missing from other major sites.

  • Smart Verb Search - Search any verb form, not just the infinitives as you type. Great for finding verbs based on a conjugated form like in a newspaper.
  • Audio Everywhere - We have audio everywhere in both male and female voices. We have audio for the main verb form, as well as most of its conjugated forms.
  • Multi-Verb Pages - You can use our muti-verb pages to study similar verbs at the same time.
  • Conjugation Colors - All of our conjugations are color coded to show instantly how the main verb forms have changed.

We are still building new features, so consider sending us a message and letting us know what you’d like us to build.

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